NETCU acting blatantly in the interests of the vivisection industry

NETCU have recently added a news item to their site concerning the Advertising Standards Authority finding against SPEAK (the campaign to prevent the building of another laboratory in Oxford).

SPEAK quoted directly from the Telegraph but interestingly the ASA have not criticised the newspaper! Whilst the ASA continues to be somewhat biased in the way it “bans” leaflets and adverts it has also found against the Department of Health’s “every body needs milk” fallacy and the Research Defence Society as well as many other groups.

Often no-one really takes much notice of them, the ASA are not a legal entity of any real importance. What concerns us is NETCU yet again acting blatantly in the interests of the vivisection industry.

An ASA ruling may have some news interest on the RDS site but it is grossly inappropriate on a supposedly impartial police website (rather like the vivisection lobby group links on NETCU’s links page).

Therefore not only are thugs in police uniform keen to launch vicious and unprovoked attacks on elderly women, (Oxford 21st June 2006), but they are also keen to promote violence against other innocent animals.

Anyone who finds this offensive should complain about NETCU (remember Temporary Superintendant Steve Pearl is responsible for the unit) to the IPCC