Extreme Policing

Below are examples of unprovoked police violence against animal rights protestors including assaults and unlawful arrests.

If you have been subjected to violence because of your beliefs and want your experiences to be included please contact us.

An Activist comes close to Death


A small group of us gathered and our objective was to block the A1 by using cars and tripods in order to publicise the torture and murder carried out at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The traffic was stopped by 2 cars slowing down gradually over a couple of miles to avoid any accidents the same tactic used by fuel protestors and the Countryside Alliance in fact. Two of us climbed tripods (a “wigwam” type structure made of 3 pieces of scaffolding) 24 feet high and attached a banner between the 2 structures.

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M.J Haines, an animal welfare campaigner

In response to the propaganda produced by the government, media and certain gutter press hypochondriac newspapers, (e.g Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, etc), I would like to express my opinions on the subject of animal “terrorists”.

I am and was a professional tradesperson and was running my own business successfully until 28th November 1999. I brought up my family of 4 children , have my own house and was always in full employment. I never had any involvement with the law or have ever been in any trouble.

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Janet is a very brave activist who has overcome great adversity

The following is an extract from her book:

In October 2004, Gladys Hammond’s body was stolen from her grave in Yoxall cemetery. Gladys Hammond was the mother in-law of Christopher Hall.

In November a Parcelforce courier delivered a large box to my door. Having seen dead animals nailed to trees at Darley Oaks, some thrown in the protest area, some left squashed in the gutters, having had my door and car paint stripped, having had one of the farm workers drive at me with a tractor and threaten to f****** kill me, having received death threats through the post and numerous anonymous calls, I was a bit wary to open the box so the courier kindly opened it for me. Inside were nine ring binders from Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden, a solicitor who had had some success with injunctions against other campaigns.

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Activists Attacked at Circus Demo

On wednesday 14th June 2006 activists were attacked and arrested at the opening night of The Spirit of the Horse in Bakewell. Please read on and consider helping the campaign against the circus.

Two activists attended the opening night of the Spirit of the Horse in Bakewell, to protest against the use of animals in entertainment. They proceeded to leaflet members of the public queuing to enter the big top. The audience was responsive, but the organisers were much more hostile. They were exceptionally aggressive in removing the first of the protestors and physically carried the second away to the road, shocking members of the public.

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Tie a Purple Ribbon


R WILLIAMS – May 2003

I am an Animal Rights activist of many years standing. I first came into the movement with the Coventry Airport Live Exports Campaign in 1995. Over the years I have been involved with all the major campaigns: Consort, Hillgrove, Shamrock, HLS, and of course Newchurch (Darley Oaks Farm). I have also been active in some lesser-known battles against animal abusers: Gilder’s Live Exports, Stephen Wood’s Live Exports in Redditch, and Summers’ Poultry (halal slaughter) in Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire.

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