UK SHAC 7 Prisoner details please write with letters of support and solidarity!

With yesterdays sentencing please send letters of support to the UK SHAC 7. For more info on what they can receive at the prisons please check

Dan Amos VN7818
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
Winchester SO22 5DF

Gregg Avery TA7450
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
Winchester, SO22 5DF

Natasha Avery NR8987
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
Ashford, Middx TW15 3JZ.

Gavin Medd-Hall WV9475
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
Winchester SO22 5DF

Heather Nicholson VM4859
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
Middx TW15 3JZ.

Dan Wadham WV9474
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
Winchester SO22 5DF


Steve Pearl and Netcu we know where you work…

After some netcu related hilarity during the past few days demonstrations at Harlan, HLS Wooley and HLS Occold we took PCs Bacon and the officer we know as “Dave” in to the main Cambridgeshire Police Headquarters. And a police officer dropped a real clanger.

Please address all complaints regarding NETCU policing policy not to the PO Box but to the actual geographical address which is now confirmed as.

Steven Pearl
Constabulary HQ.
Hinchingbrooke Park.
PE29 6NP

How we know this?

We drove into the HQ, a friendly bobby said “Can I help you gentlemen”, we said “yes we have an interview with Superintendent Pearl”, “Oh” he said, “If you would like to sign in at the office over there and then speak to those officers (pointing at Bacon who is trying to get out of the car as quickly as possible to let the officer not to give up the Netcu hideout)”, “So we are in the right place then?” we ask “Oh yes, his office is over there” (points to the left of the building.)

For those needing to hear it from the horses mouth phone the main 0845 number ask for the HQ address and say, can we write to Sup Pearl there? Hehe.

Communication ends……………………….

How you might go to prison for not knowing or knowing someone…

“Persons Unknown” (the illusive terrorist group) made a special visit to seal the deal in the latest SHAC trial. Whoever these persons unknown are they sure to drop us in it time and time again. Apparently the defence were part of a group which torched cars, used blackmail and intimidation to further the campaign against HLS.

“They conspired to do A B and C … with Persons or Persons Unknown.” – Who are persons unknown?

Persons unknown are the naughty ones, in the daylight hours they could be teachers, taxi drivers, the unemployed, squatters, hippies, tennis coaches, midwives or anarchists. In the evenings they don balaclavas, gloves, lock picks, paint stripper and various other tools of the Persons Unknown trade and they take direct action to try and stop the insidious murderous industry which is the vivisection / arms trade / bio-tech / etc industry.

The above conspiracy law can link you to these individuals whether you know them to talk to or even if you have never met them at all. By legally organising (protest / stalls / leafleting) against these industries and there suppliers above ground, you may inspire someone who you don’t even know to take illegal direct action. e.g. paint strip a car / make a death threat etc. Or they may have sworn at an employee at your local arms manufacturers.

Now whether you support direct action or not, or whether you support vivisection or not it simply doesn’t matter. We are in a situation where the police don’t even need to prove you did something wrong or EVEN that you knew about the actions taking place. They can still just say you conspired. Sorry.

Now lets draw up another hypothetical, I smash up a shop because I’m pissed out of my face. I am arrested. I am charged. I am convicted. I get a slap on the wrist and pay compensation to the shop keeper. Probably not even a conviction in reality, its probably not really worth taking any further.

I smash a shop window that supplies pencils to HLS / Sequani (insert your favourite bastards here) and you are looking at 2 years minimum, better yet, you aren’t even the person who smashed the window, you are the press officer / website updater for the campaign against said bastard company. You are looking at 5 years for doing sweet FA. Because lets face it you probably knew the person and even if you didn’t they don’t give a flying shit.

Press are fed story after story saying how they were “PART OF A CAMPAIGN” that used illegal tactics (not that THEY used illegal tactics) past actions are dragged up again to remind the public of why millions of tax money is being thrown at a generally peaceful movement who has never killed anyone.

Having said all this about direct action, evidence used in court has included, polite letters, polite phone calls, using the word murderer, scum or even in one case writing the word scum in the dirt on the floor.

Job done, does anyone care about the sentences? These terrorists would rather see a rat saved that YOUR child. Aren’t they the people who blow up scientists? I bet they accept animal tested drugs if they needed them!

These are just a few of the seeds sewn by the media, phama / vivisection lobbyists, NETCU, CPS and other government spineless faecal outlets.

We live in serious times when the animal liberation movement is being portrayed as the Goliath and the Pharmaceutical Lobby, Police and Government as the David. Some lobbyist deserves a serious serious pay rise apparently.

For those of you reading this, we as the animal liberation movement ask only one thing, regardless of you view on animal exploitation or our actions as activists. We need solidarity, we need you to recognise how the police are trying so hard to marginalise our movement. If not for our sake, for your sake, because when you oppose industry and the status quo you WILL feel the full brunt of the opposition if not now then soon.

All the best and solidarity to all prisoners, activists and anyone who gives a fuck about anything and is willing to take action.


Proportionality and the vilification of the animal rights movement

Proportionality and the vilification of the animal rights movement
As we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint instead of central heating (which is for wimps…..only joking) we have a woodburning stove on which kettles are boiled and food cooked throughout the winter. For 2 years now old legal papers from injunctions and all manner of cases have helped us to do this lighting a nice warm fire for us all to bask in. Regrettably these papers cannot be recycled due to the confidential information contained within and we are near the end. Yesturday though some of the letters sent to HLS suppliers/customers emerged from the kindling box. Some of these were along the lines of “die scum die” etc and these were put up as part of bundles of evidence as harassment, fair enough although letters sent to some of us were of a similar sentiment.

However many of the letters were very polite and included the address of the sender, hardly in accordance with a criminal mastermind blackmail plot and if anyone felt “harassed” by them then they are delicate souls incapable of living in the real world, or, bare faced liars. All of the letters, however, are supposedly “evidence” of “harassment”. Some quotes from the letters are as follows, all are polite in their entirety, all were addressed to the company not a named individual.

“I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully request that you do all within your capability to ensure your company ceases trading with those nasty people……Thankyou for taking the time to read my letter…..Peace and God’s blessing to you”.

“Please read the leaflet I have enclosed”.

“I urge you to stop dealing with this heinous company”

“Animal tested drugs cause 18000 deaths in the UK every year”

“Please sever ties with HLS, thankyou”

“Why continue to support animal and human suffering to benefit fraudulent drug companies”

It has not been unknown for the police to threaten to arrest people who have written such letters. It’s nice and easy for them as letter writers have honestly given their home addresses and of course the officers concerned can pretend to themselves and the gullible that they are dealing with hardened terrorists rather than an octogenarian bookseller. Of course vivisectionists and all their sympathisers/lackeys in the police, the courts, government and the media will argue that polite letters should only be immune from prosecution if addressed to an MP or a newspaper but we would argue that many companies and their employees should first of all be able to cope with protest letters, secondly they might not be aware of the cruelty inflicted and wish to decide to make a stand against it. After all when some Marsh employees found out that the company they worked for insured HLS they created a huge fuss within the organisation and were utterly outraged. One very good reason why activists should be accessible and kind to workers many of whom may well be supportive of animal rights and potentially become very helpful allies.

It is easy to understand why people argue “rather a rat die than my baby”, this is visceral, it is natural and we empathise after all we too suffer from illness as do our close relatives. However we argue that the same argument could be used on the lines of “rather a murderer die than my baby” or even “rather a dear old retired nonagenarian nurse with Alzeimers die than my baby” it is all utterly unacceptable as all are sentient beings. Futhermore we only know if the results from the rats (or the murderer or the nonagenarian both of whom are adults NOT babies)are accurate once the baby has been given the drug in question, it may work, it may make things worse. Thousands of people die every year as a result of drugs tested as safe on non-human animals which are then toxic for humans. We utterly condemn research on other species and non compliant human subjects even for life threatening conditions on moral and scientific grounds, but we do understand that people want cures for diseases, we do too.

Prevention should also play a part people usually make a choice to eat too much, take illicit drugs, drink alcohol, smoke, use the car rather than walk dangle off of cliffs. Sympathies to all who become ill as a direct or indirect result of lifestyle and addictions, all deserve the best medical and nursing care but to suggest that animals should suffer for our indiscretions is despicable. There is a cure for being too fat it is called “exercise more, eat less” and it works for most people. There is a cure for alcoholism it is called “abstinence”. There is a cure for ACHD it is called “not pumping the little sods full of artificial additives and allowing them to exercise properly” which also works in many cases. There is a cure for not enough land to feed the masses, rivers being polluted with farm animal faeces, antibiotics in the human food chain contributing to “superbugs”, 18% of global warming, BSE, the vast majority of food poisoning and many other social, political, environmental and individual ailments, it is called “veganism”. Need we go on?

What is really galling is the way in which the vivisectors and their sympathisers and the general media rarely debate the use of innocent creatures in the UK to test frivolous products. Now if a group of yobs took a pregnant dog into a busy high street and starting forcing weedkiller down her throat what do you think would happen? Yes people would walk past, others might call the police, others would definitely intervene, they might even use violence after all various forums are full of non animal rights people promising to hurt those who have been found guilty of cruelty to animals . What if those who called the police were told “it’s legal, write to your MP, get the law changed”? Should they walk on, go home, write and wait for a reply? What if those who intervened and tried to rescue that poor dog were arrested and imprisoned? This is what has happened to the 2 groups of SHAC 7 both in the UK and USA, they tried to intervene and stop a catalogue of atrocities 500 of them committed every single day. The only differences between the gang in the street and HLS workers is closed doors, razorwire and a very thin veneer of respectability please log on to and look at the papers which have come out of HLS. Vivisectors argue that they only abuse animals if it is absolutely necessary judge for yourself whether testing an artificial sweetener on a monkey, or nicotine on mice, or musk ( a scent for cleaners) on rats, or caramel food colouring on mice is “absolutely necessary” for anything else than utter greed. What HLS do is no better than the horror stories we all hear about when animals are tortured by disturbed or sadistic individuals, only problem is that no RSPCA inspector would ever be able to gain access to HLS without a prior appointment.

Some will argue that they really don’t care, maybe they will only care when for example a food colouring tested on animals is released onto the market and declared as “safe” is actually a carcinogen and directly threatens their miserable life. Indeed some vile creatures (Oxford Gossip….again) have pledged to only use shampoo recently tested on animals notably Proctor and Gambles Herbal Essences. Well we will have no sympathy for them when all their hair drops off and their skin erupts into toxic boils that’s for certain! The phrase “laugh like a drain” might be a more accurate description of our response, but deep down we would still feel sorry for them… really. Of course they won’t be able to sue Proctor and Gamble if this does happen because the company has “proven” the safety of the product by forcing it on those weaker than themselves.

A request to all vivisectors and the media; can we please stop the pretence that HLS is some sort of benevolent institution only concerned with saving lives and start to debate the ethics of forcing an artificial sweetener down a monkey’s throat?

Demonstrations outside HLS on days of SHAC sentencing

Some of us will be engaging in legal and peaceful protests in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk on the days on which Greg, Natasha, Heather, Gavin, Dan A, Dan W and Gerrah are sentenced for conspiracy to blackmail. Our reasons are as follows:

Animal Rights
Huntingdon Life Sciences kill 500 animals every day each one is an individual capable of suffering often left to die alone and in pain when the workers lock up at 17.00 after being poisoned or undergoing surgery.
Products which can maim and kill

HLS is a contract testing laboratory, they test anything for anyone as long as it pays. According to their own website they test artificial colourings, flavourings and sweeteners, herbicides, GM food and other products, plastics, industrial chemicals, “health foods”, dietary supplements, drugs etc under the headings pharmaceutical, crop protection, biopharmaceuticals, chemical, food and vetinary. All of these products are tested on animals and if passed as “safe” will be inhaled, ingested, drunk, absorbed through the skin or otherwise inflicted on an unsuspecting public. HLS even justify testing food on animals by saying “we need to be sure it is safe to eat”, of course it would be if it wasn’t doused with pesticides, wrapped in clingfilm and packed full of additives!

Factory Farming
HLS prop up the meat and dairy industry by experimenting on farm animals to force “productivity” even further. They offer to infect cows with mastitis (a very painful condition). Meanwhile farm animals are pumped full of antibiotics and we wonder why MRSA and VRSA are on the rise! Look up for information on the meat industry regarding health, climate change, pollution, world hunger and extreme cruelty.

Corporate axis of evil
HLS has very nasty bedfellows the following are or have been customers :

Bayer when they were IG Faben they actually paid for Jewish women and used them in experiments in Nazi concentration camps. More recently they produced Baycol a cholesterol lowering drug which killed over 30 people before it was withdrawn.

Roche also had involvement with the Nazis i.e Xyclon B!

Union Carbide killed 5000 people at Bhopal in India in1984 at a gas plant due to criminal negligence, the people of that area suffer immeasurably from birth defects and many diseases as a direct result. Neither Union Carbide or Dow (who are also customers of HLS and are now responsible for sorting things out) can be bothered to clear up their mess or adequately compensate their victims .
DuPont produced a pesticide called Benlate/ Benomyl. Not only is it toxic to the harmless and essential for everyone’s very survival earthworm it is a possible carcinogen. It caused birth defects which involved 42 babies being born without eyes .

Shell poisoned land and water in the Niger Delta. When the people who faced death by pollution and starvation protested Shell supported the army dealing with the situation. This involved chopping the arms and legs off of children and lots or torture and murder. Ken SaroWiwa led the campaign against Shell he was murdered by being hanged .

Glaxo Smith Kline produced an anti depressant known as Prozac/Seroxat. It has caused aggression, suicide and birth defects. It is also very difficult for many people to stop using once they become “hooked”. GSK have made a lot of profit out of the misery of people who would have managed perfectly well without the drug. .

Cargill…where to start! Involved in GMOs, closely linked to Mc Donalds they produce EVERY item of chicken sold by the “restaurant” in the UK. They have a disgusting slaughterhouse in Hereford which kills thousands of chickens every day bar one called Rocky saved by 2 brave activists from the depths of hell last year. They also abuse some of their workers who are under constant surveillance and at the mercy of gang masters.

Monsanto who would like a monopoly on world food production have decimated the independence of farmers in India who have been made dependant on their seeds at a considerable cost. This has led to suicides and hunger so outraged were the farmers that their campaign was called “cremate Monsanto”. Monsanto’s GM crops infest conventional crops and they have even charged farmers for using their technology when this infestation occurs! No-one knows what the long term impact on our health will be, we have no say in the matter.

Please log on to for more information on HLS, The above companies and many others with highly incestuous links to one another in their greedy quest for profit above all else. Those individuals within each company who make decisions which have caused extreme suffering and death will never face prison, unfortunately.

Human Rights
We will be present to show solidarity with the 7 people to be sentenced and all those imprisoned for their beliefs. The 7 have been found guilty of conspiracy to blackmail because they were part of a campaign which is legal but persons unknown have carried out illegal acts separate from that campaign. In a nutshell this means now that any effective campaign could be at risk if someone does something illegal separate from that campaign, effectively known campaigners are potentially responsible for the actions of people they do not know which they may not even agree with or have any knowledge of. For example Dr Simon Festing of the Research Defence Society (apologists for all animal testing ) was involved in the campaign against the Newbury by-pass which involved illegal (albeit moral) acts including arson and blockading workers in which he did not exactly condemn as a spokesman for Friends of the Earth and nor should he have done. However the police could theoretically as a result of this verdict arrest Dr Festing on the grounds that he as a known activist conspired with persons unknown to burn bulldozers to a frazzle thus “blackmailing” the road builders. Something for Simon to think about before he pontificates any further on SHAC. Hypocrisy…it’s a terrible thing.

Police Oppression
NETCU are based in Huntingdon, (Cambridgeshire Police HQ is just off Hinchingbrooke Park Road) and as all grass roots activists are aware this bunch exist primarily to stop all actions legal or otherwise. The way in which the police bullied and harassed peaceful campaigners and locals at Climate Camp in 2008 is partly down to NETCU and putting above all else their desire to keep protest to letter writing or police approved demos with police approved banners and leaflets on issues that do not upset anyone. We intend to make it very clear that we are not intimidated by them by holding demonstrations on their home turf on the day of sentencing.

The Plan

19th January 2009

07.00-11.00 Activists will be at Harlan near Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon. This is where beagles are bred for laboratories including HLS they can be heard from the road. It is on the B1090 look for the razor wire. Head out of Huntingdon on the A141 towards March at the Texaco garage on the roundabout follow the 141 left to another roundabout, turn left onto the 1090 Harlan is halfway up this road on the right.

12.00-18.00 Activists will be present at HLS Alconbury just off the A1, first exit north from the A14/A1 roundabout.

20th January 2009

07.00-10.00 Activists will be at Harlan Abbots Ripton again

12.00-18.00 HLS Barrack Road, Eye near Occold, Suffolk, IP237PX

It is intended that at these venues protest is legal and disciplined and respectfully ask all activists to act in accordance with this. Anything and everything possible will be used against all grass roots activists on these 2 days let us not give the police or the media any ammunition or indeed the judge any excuse to up the sentences. Please bring food, hot drinks and warm clothes as both days will be long and cold.

Contact number 07914 795737

Another solidarity demo is being held on 20th January at 17.00 at Sequani Ledbury.