Campaigning against cruelty is now punishable by up to 14 years in prison!

Well the SHAC trial is over and 4 out of 5 defendants were found guilty.

Despite the nonsense we are hearing from the national media those found guilty did not use incendaries, or threaten anyone or do anything else other than protest against a disgusting company who commit atrocities against the innocent. It is true that some people have done such things against HLS ( and we do not criticise them) but the defendants were guilty only of caring about an important issue and openly often with cooperation with the police demonstrating, petitioning, leafleting and in general protesting. They have been tried for the actions of others just as Sean Kirtley was
and face 14 years in prison.

Not one person was harmed by the defendants, no property damaged, nothing stolen yet they face worse than someone who has killed another human being. Whatever views you may have on SHAC this is obscene. The message is clear on a day where it is announced that the police cannot be bothered to deal with 40% of crimes they will prioritise crushing any criticism of institutionalised animal abuse.

Also on a day where George Monbiot denounces animal rights activists as violent (on NETCUs sayso) we would like to highlight the fact that if blackmail charges have worked against anti vivisectionists they will possibly work with all other causes for example the recent Stansted invasion (brilliant action by the way) could potentially be interpreted as “blackmail” not only for those who took part but for anyone involved in the campaign against short haul flights. So to George and others who wish to distance themselves please bear in mind you could be next to be carted off at dawn denouncing other campaigners will not help you and please tell us where are all the dead and injured vivisectors??

Happy Christmas to all (except NETCU who are probably too busy gloating) and let’s continue the battle.

In total defiance of the police state